Hello! My name is Henry. I code, write, and design things.

I spend most of my work life trying to solve machine learning problems. Those problems have included getting self driving cars to see things, some chemistry related work, and some programming language related work.

I spend my out of work time playing with my camera, cooking, writing about things I find interesting, and looking after my dog.


Most of my experience is working with Python, with a particular focus on TensorFlow. I have also spent plenty of time doing data analysis with Pandas and numerical computations in Numpy. I learned how to program by training as a statistician using R, so data science is in my bones. The majority of my work is behind corporate contracts and NDAs, but you can see the work that isn't on my GitHub account.


I enjoy landscape and portrait photography. By capturing images of unfamiliar experience while traveling, and more familiar while closer to home, I feel as if I can hold on to slices in time forever. Re-visiting, re-processing, and re-printing my photographs helps me to keep alive the memories of all of those slices, happy or sad, exciting or mundane.


I am interested in many things and I read a lot. Sometimes I have thoughts which I think other people would be interested in. Sometimes I write those thoughts down. If you want, you can read those crystallised thoughts on my blog.